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Traffic Flow

It is important for everyone to know and adhere to our traffic plan. Please read this information and follow the procedures to maintain the highest level of safety for our students. Our biggest safety concern is traffic and parking!! All parents, students, caregivers, and staff, must follow the basic parking/drop-off zones indicated by signs around the school and adhere to city Bylaws to ensure all of our children’s safety.

Click on the link below to see a step by step guide on our traffic flow.



General Information:

Do not block the flow of traffic in and out of school property.  Consider that buses need to enter the property, and potentially emergency vehicles.

Staff pay for their own parking stalls at the school.  Please do not park in Staff Parking (indicated in Red on the map below) even if a stall is open.  A staff member could have left for a moment and would like to return to their stall.

Exiting the School:

If making a left turn to head southbound on Windermere Road, stay to the left, and if making a right turn to head northbound on Windermere Road, stay to the right.

We encourage everyone exiting the school to turn right onto Windermere Road. Turning left creates a significant amount of traffic in the school parking lot when busy.


Families living in the community are strongly encouraged to walk, bike or carpool to school.

Parents of students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 are strongly encouraged to drop their children off on Windermere Road and avoid entering the school parking lot and drive-through.

Make a plan with your child for drop-off and pick-up. If you’re picking them up in the Hug & Go lane, and you can’t find a spot, they need to know that you’ll loop around or meet them on the sidewalk.


Please refer to the "traffic map" below.

Traffic Map