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Traffic Flow

At Constable Daniel Woodall School, we place the upmost importance on student safety.  Together, with parents and guardians, we can make sure all students get to and from school as safely as possible.  Please adhere to all city Bylaws and signage around the school parking lot as well as on the residential streets outside the front of the school.



  • Families living in the community are strongly encouraged to walk, bike or carpool to school.
  • Our 'hug and go' lane in the morning is only to stop and drop off students, not for parking.  If you wish to park, please use visitor parking or street parking.
  • Supervision starts at 8:25am which is a great time to drop off your children and avoid the traffic delays.

A few options for parents to safely pick up students are:

  • Superstore Parking Lot - We have secured an agreement with Superstore management that parents and visitors are able to park and walk over to the school.
  • Residential Roads Beside the School Park - This allows your students to safely walk across the back field to your vehicle.

Please note that our staff parking lot as well as the drive through lane (hug and go lane) are not parent/visitor parking spots and could result in a ticket.



When exiting the school lot, if making a left turn to head southbound on Windermere Road, stay to the left, and if making a right turn to head northbound on Windermere Road, stay to the right.

We encourage everyone exiting the school to turn right onto Windermere Road and loop around.  Turning left creates a significant amount of traffic in the school parking lot when busy.


For additional information:

  • check out this step by step guide on our traffic flow and,
  • refer to this "traffic map" which will show you staff parking, visitor parking, hug and go lanes and school bus parking.


Thanks for working with us to make our school community a safe place to be!