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At CDW, we have many ways that parents can stay connected with us.  Here are some ways you can make sure you always know what is going on in and around the school!



SchoolZone is a secure website that provides parents and students with school and student information. In SchoolZone, you will find school news and newsletters, progress reports, attendance records, achievement results, access to Google apps, homework and links to resources. SchoolZone is available on any device connected to the internet and is our MAIN form of communication.

The SchoolZone "school resources" tab has information that will be available all year long. 

You will find information on:

  • our daily announcements, monthly principal report, school wide dress up days, CDW staff email addresses, ways to report student absences, Birdhouse shirt days (what and when they are), our bell schedule,  parent council & society information and meeting minutes, the current EPSB division calendar, and so much more.

Contact us if you need your SchoolZone account log in information.



Keep updated with all events that are happening at the school by logging into SchoolZone and selecting “School Calendar”.  If you select “month view” you will see upcoming School Events, Parent Council Events, Birdhouse Shirt Days, Field Trips and more.



“Like” our Facebook page and keep updated with upcoming events and fundraisers. All posts will follow the district policies and FOIP (Freedom of Information and Privacy) guidelines.



Having opportunities for connection between home and school plays a huge role in the success of our students. Announcements are one of the ways we achieve this connection and develop a relationship between home and school. We invite you to view our announcements each day to learn about the messaging, activities, and celebrations your child is experiencing.  These daily announcements can be found on SchoolZone under the ‘School Resources’ tab.