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School Philosophy

Constable Daniel Woodall believed in the power of hard work, reaching for one’s dreams and being an active citizen within his community.  His willingness to take on any challenge and contribute in any and every way that he could in whatever he was doing brought honour to his work as a police officer and to his family. We are very proud to be the opening staff team of Constable Daniel Woodall School and are committed to creating a school community that will embody these same values and characteristics.

We are a very enthusiastic, positive and supportive staff who will be working collaboratively to create a Learning Community.  We will support ALL of our students in a healthy, safe and caring environment that Constable Daniel Woodall would be proud of.  Our school culture will be infused with the teachings of the “Leader in Me” program.  We will also be an EverActive school.  Our focus on leadership, health and well being will instill the lifelong practices our students will depend upon today and tomorrow to be successful global citizens.  In this positive learning environment where a culture of leadership & kindness’ will become our foundation, everyone will have the confidence to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be.