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Supervised Lunch Program (Monthly Lunch Fees)

Students in Grades 1 through 6 who remain at school during the lunch hour will participate in our supervised lunch-time program. This program includes a paid lunch supervisor (employed by Edmonton Public Division), who is hired to supervise students during the lunch hour.  These supervisors will be in the classroom while the children eat as well as supervise outdoors during recess.  Parents will see a monthly lunch fee on their SchoolZone account to offset this cost.  

Students bring their own lunches to school each day, but please keep in mind that we do not have microwaves or kettles available for student use. Please preheat hot lunches at home and send in thermal containers. 

At CDW, we strive to be a "pack in, pack out" school, which means we are committed to a litter free lunch.  We ask that whatever comes in your child's lunch bag goes home with them in their lunch bag, including empty juice boxes and food wrappers.  This way, we create far less garbage at the school and parents will have a much better idea of what their child is finishing for lunch.

Updates regarding lunch fees can be found on SchoolZone.




Fun Lunch

A few times a month, CDW offers an option for parents to provide their child with a "Fun Lunch" (as we call it at the school).  This option is an additional cost and is ordered and paid for via a program called Healthy Hunger.
Healthy Hunger is an online company that connects local restaurants and schools together to provide hot lunches for students to purchase while helping the school to raise money! (A portion of the sales are donated back to the school and will be used to fund exciting opportunities for your children)
A few things to note to make Fun Lunch successful:
  • Fun Lunch orders are only for students in Grades 1-6.  Sorry Kinder students... :(
  • For families new to Healthy Hunger, check out SchoolZone for information on how to create and account and make an order.
  • All orders and payments must be made through the Healthy Hunger website and NOT your SchoolZone account.
  • If you do happen to forget to order a lunch for your your child, we are asking parents to provide a regular lunch from home that day.  Please DO NOT drop off a special lunch to the office.
Questions about Healthy Hunger??   Email our Parents Society at cwspsociety@gmail.com



CDW Lunch-Time supervisors

We hire parents and community members to be lunch time supervisors.  If you are interested or would to find out more about hiring process, email constabledanielwoodall@epsb.ca.