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Lunch & Nutrition

Students in Grades 1 through 6 who remain at school during the lunch hour participate in our supervised lunch-time program.  There is a monthly fee for student to offset the costs associated with hiring lunch-time supervisors.

We will not have microwaves or kettles available for student use. Please preheat hot lunches at home and send in thermal containers.

Detailed information about our Lunch-Time Supervision Service for Elementary Students, including supervision ratios, fees and registration forms, will be shared with parents in the fall.

APPLY TO BE A LUNCH-TIME SUPERVISOR AT Constable Daniel Woodall School

Do you enjoy working with children? Are you interested in applying to be a lunch-time supervisor at Constable Daniel Woodall School?

Find out more about hiring procedures and the application process here.  Email completed application forms to constabledanielwoodall@epsb.ca


Nutrition Policy

A nutrition policy will be in place in the fall. Please check back for more information!